About us

Trafford Horticulture is a small family business based in Manchester consisting of three brothers and life long growers - Michael, James and John.

Coming from a family of growers/gardeners with its history rooted deeply in horticulture we are extremely passionate about plants and we grow/supply a wide range of plants and horticultural products such as seedlings & seeds, soil & peat free substrates, rooting hormones & beneficial bacterias, nutrients & fertilisers, additives & stimulators, plastic & fabric pots, seed trays, propagators and much more.

Collectively we have over 50 years experience in hydroponics and we specialise in hydroponic systems, substrates, nutrients, lighting, tents, fans, filters, humidifiers, co2, heaters, all things environment control and everything else you could possibly require to create and maintain the perfect growing conditions for your plants.

If you are looking for horticultural or hydroponic products or advice in Manchester come and see us, we are stockists of some of the worlds leading brands and products at a competitive price.

For all your plant growing needs visit Trafford Horticulture, we are open 6 days a week and can help you create and maintain the perfect growing environment for your plants.