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RVK 100 (4) A1 Fan

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The RVK 100 A1 fan is the perfect choice in hydroponic fan for smaller grow room ventilation set ups for an easy and affordable fan to control your grow room climate. Made in Germany by ventilation experts Systemair â the RVK fan range has been experienced growers' go to fan for decades. This is because RVK fans are virtually indestructible, powerful, quiet and low cost â the RVK 100 A1 will last through years of continuous use, running 24 hours a day with no problems.

The RVK 100 A1 fan can be connected and installed into your grow room ventilation system easily in whatever position you need it in as it comes with mounting brackets included. We recommend using the RVK 100 A1 as a grow room intake or inlet fan and using one of the Systemair's sealed fans as your grow room extractor fan, but the RVK 100 A1 is adaptable and can work as you need it to your grow room environment. It can even be coupled to our DiffuseAir to offer a total ventilation system.

The RVK 100 A1 fan is a 4 inch or 100mm fan, offering low wattage with high output offering a maximum air flow of 184 m3/h. While it runs very quietly anyway, it can be easily attached to a silencer to further reduce noise. If using it as part of your grow room extraction set up, as it's an inline fan it can be easily connected to a carbon filter. Each RVK fan is speed controllable with triac or voltage. As an inline fan, the RVK 100 A1 is built to be directly installed into ventilation set ups â it doesn't come wired but is easily done with a length of 3 core cable and a standard 3 pin plug.