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Trafford Horticulture

Great White 8oz Mycorrhizae

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  • 9 species of endomycorrhizae, 7 species of ectomycorrhizae
  • 2 species of trichoderma
  • 14 species of beneficial bacteria

Use this stuff to get a bulky root network. Plants can absorb more nutrients, grow bigger and ultimately yield better!

Fights Pathogens

All the trichoderma and beneficial bacteria help ward off pathogens. Trichoderma is known to help fight Pythium.

Increases Nutrient & Water Uptake

All the mycorrhizae improve uptake, which is key to growth!

Contains Mycorrhizae

There are two types of mycorrhizae - 'endo' and 'ecto'

Endomycorrhizae actually penetrate roots. They can then transport water and nutrients from your media (most importantly phosphorus) directly into plants!

Ectomycorrhizae live outside roots.

Maximises Nutrient

It doesn't compete with your nutrient - by increasing uptake, it makes your nutrient more effective.

Fast-Acting & Easy To Apply

It's a fully water soluble so gets to work quickly!

Low Dose - Excellent Value

Doses are small so one container goes a long way!

How To Use

You can use it in media & hydro systems.


Mix Great White directly into your nutrient.